Vivian Vom Whisperun

Vivian Vom Whisperun came to the USA as an embryo inside her mother, Jolyn Vom Naisshof. She is sired by Pele Vom Naisshof, an exceptionally well bred stud dog in Serbia. Both of her parents have A rated hips via SV, and they are considered the best at evaluation, even above OFA. Vivian is very keen to run and play, yet yearns for and cherishes love and attention from humans. She is kind, and sweet. She gets along perfectly with other dogs, and never ever is an instigator of trouble. She travels well, and crates well in the house. Please see photos of her below, along with her registration, and photos of mother and father along with their pedigrees. Contact Jolene with your questions regarding Vivian. Import lines without the extreme expense of importing one. Click on a photo to enlarge and then utilize the arrows to scroll through them.

Vivan’s Sire and Dam Photos and Pedigrees